Persephone tree image

Meeting with Persephone

For some time now on my forest walks, you have been calling me from afar. I have been trying to reach you, forcing my way towards you through undergrowth and heather. But with the darkness approaching I have had to turn back. However, this day, as the sun was slowly moving towards evening, my eyes caught your glimmering form through the branches,  I know that I needed to come close to you.

I stand in total silence, letting the tension of your presence sweep over, around, and through me. With all my senses present, there you are…. gazing at me, as I gaze back at you. Your magic and mythical proportions engulf me. I feel as if I have no breath. My heart stands still.

Persephone, emerging from the  depth of the earth to meet the light, your beauty is palpable. After two thirds of the year in the underworld with Hades, you again emerge to embrace the season of growth and abundance,  wrapped in budding tender shoots. Like golden layers of ambrosia and nectar, a shawl woven by Athena during your long absence, now plays around your perfect limbs. A shawl befitting the immortal Goddess that you are, in your role of harbinger of re-birth, of hope, renewal, and forever a reminder of the beauty and the diabolical, meeting the tension between birth and death.


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