We see creation happening anew every day, and we find comfort in its mystery, knowing that our limited awareness can only marvel at its beauty…

This morning, while sitting in stillness in the green garden room with a cup of tea and the dogs, still sleeping next to me, my thought goes to the celebration of Passover throughout the world. I am thinking of my Aunt, who just turned 100 and who at age 17 together with her close family were forced to leave Berlin and escape to Sweden, where she met my uncle and where she learned to embrace a new country, new language, and a new culture of holy celebrations. My thoughts go to my cousin, my dear friends, teachers, colleagues, students, and all who today begin the celebration of festival of freedom, hope and new life,

How could most of those, who we call Christians, learn to celebrate Easter with insight and connection to the Mystery of Christianity? As a child being brought up in Sweden, Easter was the time to colouring of eggs, to look for already colourful eggs filled with sweets. It was a time off from school for a whole week, with limited insight as to why….? Today, I see the lack of education as an insult to our souls, our intelligence, and a darkening of that energy and light-giving source, that is, and always has been, available to us with the help of the Mystics

How different would our lives have been if we had had that connection to the Mystical realm of life available to us since childhood. What would our perspectives have been, our experiences based on a whole different set of conditioning, and still not available to us as adults. Maybe later even less available to us, as we learn to put up barriers of fear while limiting our access to the richness of life-giving forces inherent in our souls

Our spirit as wide as the oceans, giving birth to our souls, like individual breaking waves, each ripple unique, and yet, as a single ripple we are all part of the same whole. The depth, the width, the ever moving, changing, fierce, threatening, calm, and inviting oceans/souls, from hence we all emerged

Who are the Mystics?

Albert Einstein was asked toward the end of his life if he had any regrets. He answered, “I wish I had read more of the mystics earlier in my life”

Chag Sameach Happy Holiday Glad Påsk!

The Mystery of Easter
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