Today I am working from home. Well, it is not really work, but a voluntary position for Mind, where I sit and answer calls coming in from all regions of Sweden. The calls are to a non-profit organization named “Elder phone” and is available for all and everyone about 60 years of age and above. The people who call may only want to have somebody to talk to for a little while, to hear somebody’s voice, to be able to talk about the loneliness that they may feel. Others may have a practical reason for calling, or they may look for advice on how to take care of an older friend, or family members.


There are as many reasons for wanting to talk to somebody, as there are callers in a day. Loneliness, unfortunately has become a big problem for many who are sitting in their homes, sometimes not physically healthy enough to even go the store and buy supplies, children now grown have moved away and sometimes don’t even have the time for a few minutes of connection. Loneliness, may naturally also be a state of mind, a feeling that lingers within even in the company of others.

Ensamhet, Loneliness

Like with most challenges, illnesses, sorrows, and also the feeling of loneliness without a seeming end, is something none of us can probably fully comprehend, until that day, when also we may be in that situation…

…Just had my last call. These three hours of constant calls went by what seems like faster than light. Now, I take my two little dogs, Oscar and Lizzie, and head out for the woods. There is nothing better when restoring balance in mind and body than to get into the depth of the woods, away from traffic, planes, and other manmade noises.

For those of you who have not heard of Mind, it is a non-profit organization and the task of this association is:

“To promote mental health care, to preserve mental balance and health in healthy persons, to prevent the nervous and mental illness of those threatened persons as well as to improve through appropriate care commitments of those who suffer from such diseases.”

Presently, Mind is carrying out a campaign in major cities in Sweden, where posters are attached in well thought out areas in order to inform, and to realize the importance, and the effect of sharing of feelings. Further, to encourage this sharing by emphasizing that these are all normal feelings, especially in the areas where you may find these posters.



Mind Elder phone (Äldretelefon)
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